NUDE Yoga: Open Hips, Happy Heart Trailer

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Join me for this guided yoga sequence to align your mind and brighten your shine!

Additional info:

NUDE Yoga + by NatURL Moves was created as a bridge towards body positivity, self love and radical acceptance. It's my contribution towards a world in which we can embrace ourselves fully and love every last part of us.

I offer clothing optional private yoga, Pilates, and personal training sessions in my physical wellness space, or yours. I'm also available for retreats anywhere in the universe. But what if you can't get to me because of location, financial reasons, are hesitant about practicing yoga and/or the thought of getting nude in front of others freaks you out? & provide a safe space for beings to improve the way they feel about themselves. With these avenues, you can build your practice whenever, wherever!

THANK YOU for helping to create spaces for yourself and others to learn skills for living more fulfilling, joyful and healthier lives!

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